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Department of Industrial & System Engineering, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Hosei University

Welcome to Management Science Laboratory

  Management Science Laboratory addresses a variety of topics associated with operations management, ranging from mathematical programming to numerical analysis. "We go whereever there is a mathematical problem." Our challenge starts when someone feels a conventional operation would not be efficient and might be improved. We do our best to assess, solve, and find a better solution.
  Common topics in management science is diverse. Scheduling; is the lead time to manufacture a product too long? Or is tardiness frequent? Yes, we may provide a more efficient resource assignment or timetable. Location planning; can we reduce the number of facilities to provide service to a region? Yes, we could find a better deployment of facilities. Transportation planning; which scenario is the best to abate traffic congestion in a network? Yes, we can efficiently simulate traffic flows for a large-scale network. Decision making; how can we mitigate discrepant evaluations regarding multiple objects? Yes, we may provide a pairwise comparison table that would convince stakeholders.
  Heretofore, we have been particularly interested in the abovementioned topics in operations management. The approaches we use are again diverse; discrete algebra, control theory, graph theory, combinatorial optimization, high-performance computing, and more. In scheduling issues, we might adopt control theory-related approaches, while occasionally use discrete algebra. In location planning contexts, we deal with a sparse graph, in which a mathematical programming or algorithmic approach is frequently effective. Because of the diversity of our targets, even-keeled vision is the most important for us.
  If you are already interested in a specific topic in management science, then you are already at the right place! You can roll your research soon. If otherwise, even if you are wishy-washy, don’t worry. As long as you are not awkward to math nor programming, you may come across a new target in our laboratory.

Research topics

  The chief research staff (Hiroyuki Goto), collaborative researchers, and some of graduate students have been into the following themes:
1. Scheduling methods under limited resources
  Keywords: max-plus algebra, optimal control, resource constraint, critical chain project management
2. Effective use of geographical information systems (GIS) data
  Keywords: digital elevation, terrain analysis, data coding & encoding, parallel processing
3. Natural language processing (NIP)
  Keywords: morphological analysis, indexing, classification & clustering, multivariate analysis

Key updates

Mar 27, 2022
Photos on the graduation ceremony were added. Congrats for all of the lab. members!
March 11, 2019
Mr. Yohei Kakimoto (Ph.D course, 1st grade) received an IEOM Poster Competition Award at the 9th International Conference on Industrial Eigineering and Operations Management. Congrats! Certificate