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Department of Industrial & System Engineering, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Hosei University


Selected publications

Hiroyuki Goto and Taiki Otsuka, "Contour detection with bicubic spline surfaces," International Journal of Digital Earth, vol.16, no.1, pp.1801-1827, 2023. link
Hiroyuki Goto and Shaohua Wang, "Polyad inconsistency measure for pairwise comparisons matrices: max-plus algebraic approach," Operational Research, vol.22, no.1, pp.401-422, 2022. link
Hiroyuki Goto, "Three-dimensionally consistent contour-based network rendered from digital terrain model data," Geomorphology, vol.395, ID 107967, 14 pages, 2021. link
Hiroyuki Goto and Alan T. Murray, "Exact and flexible solution approach to a critical chain project management problem," Constraints, vol.25, no.3-4, pp.280-297, 2020. link
Hiroyuki Goto and Alan T. Murray, "Acoustical properties in emergency warning siren coverage planning," Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, vol.81, ID 101477, 11 pages, 2020. link
Hiroyuki Goto and Alan T. Murray, "Small-m method for detecting all longest paths," OPSEARCH, vol.56, no.3, pp.824-839, 2019. link
Hiroyuki Goto, "Forward-compatible framework with critical-chain project management using a max-plus linear representation," OPSEARCH, vol.54, no.1, pp.201-216, 2017. link
Hiroyuki Goto and Yoichi Shimakawa, "Storage-efficient reconstruction framework for planar contours," Geo-spatial Information Science, vol.20, no.1, pp.14-28, 2017. link
Hiroyuki Goto and Yoichi Shimakawa, "Storage-efficient method for generating contours focusing on roundness," International Journal of Geographical Information Science, vol.30, no.2, pp.200-220, 2016. link
Hiroyuki Goto, "A lightweight model predictive controller for repetitive discrete event systems," Asian Journal of Control, vol.15, no.4, pp.1081-1090, 2013. link
Hiroyuki Goto, "Multi-item newsvendor problem with an equality resource constraint," Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, vol.30, no.1, ID 1250041, 17 pages, 2013. link
Hiroyuki Goto and Hirotaka Takahashi, "Transferring progress control policies in scheduling problems for a class of repetitive discrete event systems," International Journal of Control, vol.83, no.2, pp.421-431, 2010. link
Hiroyuki Goto, "Robust MPL scheduling considering the number of in-process jobs," Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, vol.22, no.4, pp.603-607, 2009. link
Hiroyuki Goto, "Dual representation and its online scheduling method for event-varying DESs with capacity constraints," International Journal of Control, vol.81, no.4, pp.651-660, 2008. link

Detailed list of publications is here.